Project name:

Beast Track

Project description:

With help from the best of the best in fabrication, engineering, and design, we bring you the Beast Track. Each will be built to customer needs, and professionally powder coated their color of choice. It is hydraulic drive which we have tested brutally to try and make fail. Our hubs are available for any tire combination our customers can dream of, we even have hubs on the prototype to use cheap used wissota and imca Hoosier Tires for base layers. The prototype is also set up to accommodate any tire up to top fuel slicks for mid day track clean up. We can go up to 5 sections wide with Our Axle design, and tire changes are as simple as removing two 1/2in bolts and the planetarys swing out, the 2in Axle is then very easy to pull out by hand. We are currently taking orders.

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